Laurie A. Nelson

Ms. Nelson received her Graduate Diploma in Clinical Counseling in 1999 from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. She continued her graduate studies at the University of New South Wales, Sydney receiving her Master of Organizational Management and Behavior in 2001.

When returning to the United States in 2002, Ms. Nelson attended Johns Hopkins University to complete her Certificate of Advance Graduate Studies in Clinical Counseling, then, attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore to receive her Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate.

Ms. Nelson’s 15 year professional focus has been on finding solutions while building resilience in children, youth, young adults and families that have been impacted by “real life” situations. She has assisted children, adolescents and families with issues ranging from intra family adjustments; divorce, split family conflict, blended family dynamics, family reunification, co-parenting and parenting coordination to life cycle adjustments; from Elementary School, Middle School, High School to College attendance.

Ms. Nelson follows a brief solution focused model while incorporating mediation skills that assists children, adolescents, and families to seek out “over the kitchen table” solutions to conflicts within themselves or within their family/social networks. Laurie is licensed in the State of Maryland as both a Professional Counselor and an Approved Supervisor to Professional Counselors. She is a State of Maryland Title 17 Court approved Mediator in Divorce, Property Settlement and Child Access and Parenting Coordination. Ms. Nelson also has a 10-year history of being a member of a Multidisciplinary Team addressing child, adolescent and family issues. She is also a Military Family Life Consultant, Child and Youth Behavioral Specialist assisting Service Members and their families with deployment, reintegrations and adjustment issues.