Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens

MBSR-T is an adaptation of the traditional Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program for adults. The program is an 8 session experiential group that teaches powerful mindfulness based methods for reducing stress, regulating emotion, managing physical and psychological pain, reducing suffering, and improving quality of life.

MBSR-T focuses on the mindfulness skills that have been integrated into effective, evidence-based interventions for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disordered eating, self-harming behaviors, problems with aggression, and problems with sleep. Participants also report reduced chronic pain, tension headaches, psoriasis outbreaks, and studies show improved immune function.

This program is appropriate for stressed teens as a stand-alone intervention, and may also be an addition to standard treatments for teens with medical or psychological conditions.

Please contact us for more information: MBSRT@rathboneandassociates.net.